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Friday, September 20, 2013

How to fix “Error 1311. Source File Not Found”

The error 1311 is a common problem issue for millions of Windows users who are trying to install software applications onto their PCs. The cause of this error is actually down to the improper way in which the PC will be trying to install the program. In that regard, when the error occurs, your computer will be unable to process a particular file, “.cab”, that your system requires s to run, preventing it from being able to complete the installation.
The 1311 error usually shows up in this format:
Error 1311
Cannot locate source file

Why does your computer get 1311 error?
The reason why the 1311 error occurs is due to your computer being unable to correctly process the “cabinet” file which is required for the installation to continue. A “cabinet” (.cab) file is used to help your computer load up all the files and settings from an installation. Not many people know this, but whenever you install an application onto your system, it will basically take a large list of files, settings & options, and then place them into designated folders on your system. Many of the files which need to be transferred onto your PC are actually compressed into a series of “cabinet” files, allowing your computer to place all these files onto your system. Unfortunately, it’s often the case that Windows will either damage files or just be unable to read them, preventing your computer from being able to correctly process the installation.
How to get rid of 1311 error?
The way to fix the 1311 error is to first ensure that the installation file for your piece of software is working correctly. So, the first step to fixing the 1311 error is to ensure that the installation CD is not damaged (if you’re using a CD), or to download a fresh copy of the installer from the Internet. Because a slightly corrupted file can cause series of errors on your computer. After that, you need to transfer the files you have on your installation CD onto your hard drive. It’s then recommended that you extract all the setup files to a location on your hard drive before trying to proceed with the installation again as Windows computers will be unable to correctly read the files from their CD. This will give your computer the ability to properly read all the files required for it to run, resolving the error.
1311 error fix tool
Other than that, there is an easier but more effective way to fix Windows Installer error 1311through computer registry. As the “registry” is a large database which stores all the settings and options that Windows requires. It is where your PC keeps everything from your desktop wallpaper to your latest emails. Despite this part of your computer being highly important, it’s continually causing errors as well as preventing installations from taking place because of the way it’s prone to being saved incorrectly. In that sense, the Registry errors can be a root cause of the 1311 error, making it possible you’re able to fix the problem by downloading a registry cleaner which has been created to scan through your computer and fix any of the issues which are inside the registry database. It has been proved that Advacned PC Tweaker is not only able to fix need to be able to Installer error 1311, but it also is capable of resolving any further errors such as error 1618 caused by the bad settings of your PC.
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